Thursday, November 8, 2012

Time is relative. Yesterday, while waiting for my paycheck to be deposited seemed to take like...I dunno...4 days or, while exercising one of the dogs, he spotted a fox about 20 feet away. Even with a coffee induced buzz driving my system, I may have been a third of the way through a blink when I see this little dog become air borne. Without effort, he cleared a five foot fence. About half way through my blink, he again effortlessly cleared a second five foot fence. About three quarters through my blink, he was about 50 feet away, hot on the tail of this little fox. Ok, time for Jim to "dash" through the house..."dash" through the yard..."dash" out the pasture gate in the hopes of catching this little dog before he gets too far. seems as though each "dash" takes roughly a half hour. Do you remember the scene in "10" that has Bo Derek running on the beach in slow motion? The gentle bounce of her beautifully braided hair as her tanned and toned body propels her along the surf? In my mind's eye, that is how I picture I must have looked like....except for the flip flops slogging through our muddy yard that threatened to fly off at every stride. Or the old gnarly torn sweat pants I was wearing....and instead of tightly braided ringlets, my bed head hair-do more brought to mind a troll doll having a bad hair day. Okay,...well I matched her for speed. I did finally catch the little dog only to turn around and find that we had quickly been encircled by the 8 horses we keep in our pasture. With a dog that doesn't like horses and horses that don't like dogs, I decided we would just zip through them and get to the house. "Zip" through them...yup, time is sooo relative. Jim (RezQ Dogs staff)

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